Rounton Coffee: Ethiopia - Danisa (100g)

Rounton Coffee: Ethiopia - Danisa (100g)

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ALTITUDE           2,000 - 2,150masl
LOCATION          Danisa, Guji Zone
VARIETAL           Gibirinna & Serto
OWNERS            Cooperative Owned
NOTES                Raspberry, Turkish Delight, Creamy

There are few things as special as a great natural Ethiopian coffee, as proven by Danisa. With complex florals and chocolate notes, it's reminiscent of Turkish delight, which is backed up by notes of raspberry. Truly a funky, fruit-forward lot, which can really make you question what a coffee can be.

Danisa is produced by a group of 37 farmers, who each own on average 3.35 hectares of land. The land itself is a fertile red loam and is covered by a canopy of natural forest - the perfect conditions for growing delicious coffee.

Each of the farmers has been trained by Ture Waji (a.k.a. the King of Guji), who also runs the drying stations where this coffee is processed. Meticulous separation of lots means that each delivery of cherry is fermented with great care, leading to more uniformity and pronounced sweetness.

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