Rounton Coffee: Rwanda - Nayamasheke DECAF (100g)

Rounton Coffee: Rwanda - Nayamasheke DECAF (100g)

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ALTITUDE           1,600 - 1,800 MASL
LOCATION          Nyamasheke
PREPARATION   Sparkling Water Decaf
VARIETAL           Mixed
OWNERS             Smallholder Farmers
NOTES                 Blackberry, Red Apple, Brown Sugar

Decaf drinkers are becoming more and more common, and we’ve always had a soft spot for a caffeine-free cuppa. Our goal with our decaf has always been to find coffees that stand up to their caffeinated counterparts, and we've been excited to take on this challenge. This seasonal decaf is a great alternative to our regular Sparkling Water Decaf (this one goes through the same process).

This coffee is from smallholder farmers in Rwanda's Nyamasheke district.

With notes of blackberry, apple and brown sugar, it’s got all the typical characteristics of a great Rwandan coffee, without any of the caffeine. Sweet, slightly tart and moreish - think blackberry and apple crumble!

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