Rounton Coffee: Sumatra - Atu Lingtang (1Kg - Whole Bean)

Rounton Coffee: Sumatra - Atu Lingtang (1Kg - Whole Bean)

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ALTITUDE           1,300 - 1,500masl
LOCATION          Atu Lintang District, Aceh
PREPARATION   Giling Basah
VARIETAL           Tim Tim
OWNERS            Various Smallholder Farmers
NOTES                Dark Chocolate, Sweet Tobacco, Spice

At the very top of Sumatra, you'll find Atu Lintang. Coffees grown here are usually processed by the individual farmer, but these are taken to a central processing plant. This leads to a much more uniform quality and taste in this coffee.

If you've ever wondered why Sumatran coffees are so unmistakably bold, it's due to the Giling Basah process. Keeping a little extra moisture in the green coffee results in a knockout aroma, and spice, earthiness, and complexity in the cup.

We've always turned to a Sumatran coffee when we're after something that will really pack a punch. You'll also find it in our Granary Blend, but on its own, it's a real force to be reckoned with!

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