Two Stories by Rounton Coffee (100g/1Kg)

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50% Ethiopia - Rocko Mountain

50% Uganda - Mbata

Preparation:  Natural
Varietals:  Various Regional Landraces, SL14, SL28

We've combined coffees from two farms with a tale worth telling, whose radical, fruity notes offer something truly different to the status quo. Both coffees in Two Stories are naturally processed, which gives them their distinct fruit-forward funkiness.

Half of Two Stories comes from Rocko Mountain - one of our all-time favourite coffees, with unrivalled funkiness and fruit-forward notes. The remainder, from Mbata in Uganda, is fast becoming one of our favourite coffees. Together, it's a blend that makes a super-juicy, sweet brew every time.

Two Stories might just make you question everything you thought you knew about coffee, and we think that's a cause for celebration. Are you ready to fall down the rabbit hole?

We've been working with Agri Evolve since 2018 - a Social Enterprise that is based in Uganda's Rwenzori Mountains. We knew from the beginning that they were our kind of people: as well as their exceptional coffee, their commitment to community and the environment is second-to-none.

Agri Evolve has launched the ACE2030 project, which aims to emphasise the integral link between Agriculture, Community and the Environment. To support the project, 60p from each kilo of Ugandan coffee we sell will go straight to ACE2030!

This product is sold in quantities of 100g and 1Kg bags

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