Shave Oil, Orange and Eucalyptus - 50ml - 100% Natural

Shave Oil, Orange and Eucalyptus - 50ml - 100% Natural

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Rugged Nature Shave Oil, 

Rugged Nature 100% Natural Shave Oil, Orange and Eucalyptus - 50ml

Upgrade your shave with Rugged Nature Shave Oil, and add an amazingly smooth feeling to your razor, and your morning!  This Orange and Eucalyptus Shave Oil has a fresh and invigorating scent to help you feel your best in the morning and is designed to result in a more comfortable and close shave, so you can look your best as well!

Many men have not tried shaving oil before, but it’s seriously worth a try! It is used by applying a small amount of the Oil before applying what you would normally use to shave. In addition to shaving foam, or soap, the little extra lubrication goes a long way and leaves you great hydrated skin and closer shave. If that isn’t enough, as a bonus, it will also extend the life of your razor.

Whether you shave in the shower or in front of the mirror, applying just a little Rugged Nature shave Oil before you begin will make the world of difference. Let’s face it, nobody likes getting a cut. With sharp blades running so close your skin, why not get the best lubrication for your shave to minimise the chances? Made with a special blend of natural oils, Rugged Nature Shave Oil protects your face, assisting your razor to slide over the skin safely and cleanly.

Our Shave Oil is produced right here in the UK from only a handful of carefully-selected and 100% natural ingredients, and lightly scented with pure, steam distilled essential oils. Good for the skin and the conscience, it is contained in plastic free and recyclable packaging.

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