Teesside Coffee Co: Nicaragua - Chaguite Grande (1Kg - Whole Beans)

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Flavours - Guava, blueberry, milk chocolate, dulche de leche
Process – Wet Hulled
Varietal - Yellow Paraiso
Roast Level – Medium
Altitude - 1,190 - 1,266m
Notes - This coffee is suitable for all brew methods.

About Nicaragua - Chaguite Grande

Chaguite Grande is a small size farmer coffee community, and their main income relies on their coffee production. All family members are involved in the farm labor from pre to post harvesting activities; for picking each family leans on members of their extended family and then retribute in the same way. Most of these farmers are relatively new to coffee farming and their plantations are young and highly productive. They want to improve their agricultural practices and learn different harvesting and post-harvesting techniques to get a better cup quality, which is why they welcome and are very open-minded when we come in with our agronomy assistance.

Farms start at about 1100 meters above sea level up to 1300 and the microclimate that forms in this Valley allows for farmers to grow spectacular coffee lots without too much effort. Lands are fertile, trees are young and strong and farmers are filled with energy and willingness to learn about coffee quality and specialty.

With high quality raw material, adequate infrastructure, and specialty trained staff and inspired in Indonesia's coffee culture, we decided to work with committed coffee farmers and create our own version of Wet Hulled coffee.

Chaguite Grande is one of the latest harvesting coffee areas in Nicaragua and is the last coffee we receive in Olam's dry mill in Matagalpa. It doesn't get any better than this!

Unlike the regular wet parchment that comes in to Olam's dry mill for a 10-day sun-dry period, this coffee once hulled took a 1/3 of the time to dry and acquired 3x more intensity in the cup. There is really not much we can write about it that would be fair with this coffee, so all there is left to say is you should try it before it's sold out!

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